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    Removable water meter with horizontal screw wing

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    Removable water meter with horizontal screw wing

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  • Date of release:2019/03/30
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  • I. overview

    This series of water meters is based on the horizontal screw-wing dry detachable series of water meters, adding a communication device to realize the remote transmission function, transforming the main indication value and mechanical signal of the water meter into switching signal or pulse signal output. According to the structure of the counter, the series of products can be divided into two types: plastic sealed counter structure and glass cover sealed counter structure (M type).

    Note: 1. The technical parameters of this series of water meters meet the requirements of national standard GB/T 778 (ISO4064, IDT).

    2. D-type mandrel is optional for water meter with nominal diameter of DN150 or above. The type of water meter is LXLC-150D/FXD~300D FXD.

    II. Technical parameters

    Temperature Grade: Cold Water Meter: T30; Hot Water Meter: T30/T90

    Pressure Level: MAP10 or MAP16

    Pressure loss grade: P25

    Sensitivity level of upstream flow field: U10

    Sensitivity level of downstream flow field: D5

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    Key word:Removablewatermeterwithhorizontalscrewwing

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