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    Removable Valve Control Base Table for Horizontal Screw Wings

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    Removable Valve Control Base Table for Horizontal Screw Wings

  • Taxonomy:Intelligent base table

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  • Date of release:2019/03/30
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  • I. overview

    This series of water meters consists of pilot piston globe valve and removable horizontal screw-wing water meter.

    II. Technical parameters

    Temperature grade: T30

    Pressure Level: MAP10

    Pressure Loss: Pilot Piston Globe Valve: Pressure Loss < 0.08MPa under Overload Flow

    Removable horizontal screw-wing water meter: P25

    Sensitivity level of upstream flow field: U10

    Sensitivity level of downstream flow field: D5

    Valve Voltage, Current and Switching Time of Pilot Piston Valve

    Voltage: DC 3.6V Current: 60mA Switch Valve Time: 7S

    3. Shape size

    Removable Valve Control Base Table for Horizontal Screw Wings

    The address of this article:http://en.langhua.com/product/598.html

    Key word:RemovableValveControlBaseTableforHorizontalScrewWings

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