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    Horizontal Screw Wing Flow Sensor (Wigan)

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    Horizontal Screw Wing Flow Sensor (Wigan)

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  • Date of release:2019/04/01
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  • I. overview

    Wigan of this series of sensors is composed of magnetic sensitive alloy wire and induction coil winding outside. It does not need working power supply and has the characteristics of anti-pollution and long service life. The output amplitude of the product is greater than 1.2V and has nothing to do with the impeller speed. The pulse width is 10-50us. All parts of the above products are made of heat-resistant and wear-resistant materials with high mechanical strength and durability.

    Note: The technical parameters of this series of water meters meet the requirements of CJ128-2007 calorimeter standard.

    II. Technical parameters

    It is suitable for heat gauge with flowing medium of water, temperature of 4 ~95 C and working pressure of less than 1.6 MPa.

    The allowable pressure loss should not exceed 0.025 MPa when running under common flow rate.

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      Horizontal Screw Wing Flow Sensor (Wigan)

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