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    Electronic remote water meter

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    Electronic remote water meter

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  • Date of release:2019/03/30
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  • I. overview

    Electronic remote water meter is used to measure the total volume of water flowing through water pipes. It has not only a wheel for manual reading, but also an interface for electronic reading. In electronic reading, the data signal corresponding to water volume can be obtained by the position of the wheel detected by the infrared transmitter and receiver on both sides of the wheel. Then the remote reading and data management of water meter can be realized by the follow-up system. This product meets the CJ/T 224 "Electronic Water Meter" standard and has the following characteristics:

    - The counting mechanism is sealed separately, the dial reading is not affected by the water quality, and the reading is always clear.

    - The water meter usually works without power supply, reactive power consumption, instantaneous power supply when reading the meter;

    - There is no cumulative error between electronic reading and base table reading.

    - Remote meter reading reads real-time water meter values without initialization.

    II. Technical parameters

    Temperature Grade: Cold Water Meter: T30; Hot Water Meter: T30/T90

    Pressure Level: MAP10

    Pressure loss grade: p63

    Sensitivity level of upstream flow field: U10

    Sensitivity level of downstream flow field: D5

    3. Shape size

    Electronic remote water meter

    Electronic remote water meter

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