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    How much do you know about water meters?

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    How much do you know about water meters?

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    Small caliber water meter

    Small-caliber water meter manufacturers know that water meters are the infrastructure that every household will use. Water meters are instruments for measuring water flow, mostly the cumulative flow measurement of water. They are generally divided into two categories: volumetric water meters and speed water meters. Next, we will introduce some common knowledge about water meters. With the rapid development of scientific and technological innovation, water meters are constantly updated, and water meters are becoming more and more intelligent. Water meters according to the principle of measurement is a major classification method. Generally, it can be divided into speed water meter and volume water meter. According to nominal caliber, it is generally divided into small caliber water meter and large caliber water meter. According to the main uses, it is generally divided into civil water meters and industrial water meters.

    The data transmission and transaction settlement of intelligent water meter are carried out by IC card, which has the characteristics of convenient transaction, accurate calculation and bank settlement. Intelligent water meter is an electronic metering water meter which integrates modern electronic information technology, electronic technology and control technology. The emergence of intelligent water meter not only alleviates the complicated household meter collection work of water supply enterprises, improves the level of management and economic benefits, but also greatly benefits users. At present, intelligent water meter shows good development potential.

    Water products should also be waterproof and frost-proof. Although the intelligent water meter has advanced intelligent technology, it does not represent the intelligent water meter "fire and water do not invade", in order to ensure the normal operation of the water meter, try to regularly check the water meter, low temperature in winter, strengthen cold prevention and pay special attention to cover moisture-proof cover.

    For more information about water meters, you can consult water meter manufacturers in detail.

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