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    Six Advantages of Jiangsu Watermeter Factory in Leading Small Caliber Watermeter

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    Six Advantages of Jiangsu Watermeter Factory in Leading Small Caliber Watermeter

    Date of release:2018-12-21 Author: Click:

    Small Caliber Watermeter

    The popularity of intelligent water meters has been the rhythm of water to canal, and the speed of popularity is unprecedented. The reason why intelligent water meters are so popular is that their own advantages determine their status. Here we will talk about the advantages of intelligent water meters from six aspects.

    1. Reduce the labor intensity of meter reader, and the efficiency of meter reading can be increased by 500 times.

    2. Solve the problem of disturbing people by reading meters in their homes, protect the privacy of residents, and avoid the hidden dangers caused by reading meters.

    3. Reducing the cost of meter reading can save 2/3 or even higher labor costs on the premise of stable, reliable and low maintenance of the system.

    4. To reduce the economic problems caused by the error rate of meter reading and make contributions to the establishment of a harmonious society

    5. Promote the scientific and technological content and service level of marketing work.

    6. Provide bank deduction, Internet payment, telephone, mobile phone and other services in combination with various payment systems.

    Intelligent water meter manufacturers to provide you with satisfactory products!

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