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    Quality and Stability of Intelligent Water Meter

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    Quality and Stability of Intelligent Water Meter

    Date of release:2018-12-21 Author: Click:

    Water meter manufacturer

    Because the smart water meter itself has no electricity, such as a one-time cost of about 10-50 yuan per household wiring - cost-effective, wiring, like telephone lines and closed-circuit television lines, is available for a long time, protection-free. In this way, it can not only transmit electricity to water meters, but also read and control them.

    While the wireless network terminal provides power and meter reading for water meters, it accesses the Internet through the built-in mobile module, sends meter reading data to the Internet interconnection network and receives meter reading data from the Internet. The whole process needs no manual intervention, no extra equipment or equipment, no approval, negotiation and negotiation. Everything operates according to the market, such a combination of wired and wireless networks. The form of communication undoubtedly simplifies the amount of routing and communication system operation. There is no need to increase investment in meter reading. Ready-made computers can complete meter reading and humanized meter control by surfing the Internet. >

    1. The sensor ensures that the service life is 100,000 hours, and it can be used for 11 years in succession. We only use 0 for each meter reading sensor. Work in 0 seconds, even if you keep copying, you can work for less than 1000 years.

    2. CPUs are made in the United States, with fewer than 50 electronic components. This includes lightning protection and communication components, 20% less than a single-function IC card meter. With fewer components, reliability naturally increases.

    3. Choose wet small machine core base meter, no magnetic components, anti-magnetic.

    4. Full sealed design, waterproof

    5. The specially designed network long-distance protection ensures the long-distance monitoring and protection of the product in the process of operation. For example, when the water meter device is outdoors, it can monitor the size of direct sunlight; after the intelligent water meter has been used for a long time, whether the wheel parameters change, and so on, and when needed, it can make long-distance minor modifications of the parameters.

    Intelligent water meter manufacturers provide you with defect-free, protection-free, long-life products.

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