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    Advantage of small caliber water meter

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    Advantage of small caliber water meter

    Date of release:2018-12-21 Author: Click:

     small caliber water meter

    In the past, because the accuracy of ordinary mechanical water meters is not high, many users are spending too much money. However, due to the increasing popularity of intelligent water meters, this problem is gradually reduced. The "measurement leakage" caused by the inaccuracy of mechanical water meters prevents us from accurately judging where the wasted water has gone and the ability of water management to enter the modern stage. 。

    Compared with the traditional water meter, the intelligent water meter has no mechanical transmission parts, no pressure loss, is not affected by water hammer and large flow impact, and has higher sensitivity. It solves the problems of instant data acquisition, water meter measurement and water quantity supervision.

    Intelligent water meter manufacturers provide you with satisfactory products.

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